Segways are not medical devices!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


About and the reasons for this segwaydisabled blog site!

While this document was prepared specifically for the Ontario Ministry of Transport, it will have relevance to all levels of government globally when considering recognizing Segways as Electric Personal Assistance Mobility Devices [EPAMD’s], by classifying the EPAMD driver as a pedestrian just like a wheelchair user. Segways are not "medical devices”; we are justifiably concerned about bad precedent legislation that would anomalously define a Segway as a pedestrian.

Mobility believes that Segways may very well be a legitimate medical assistance and liberating device for people of disability where the definition of disability according to Statistic’s Canada is “a condition that limits one’s participation in activities of daily living”. Our group’s concerns related to Segways being approved as EPAMD’s relate to the ethical and legal obligations at all government levels in Canada to protect all sidewalk stakeholders both able bodied and disabled.

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