Segways are not medical devices!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


This is no joke!

On October 19, 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Transport approved a 5- year test project to evaluate the use of the Segway Human Transporter. Under this program Canada Post mail carriers, police officers and people aged 14 and older with disabilities will be allowed to travel on roadways and sidewalks in Ontario.

Innovative Mobility sees this pilot test project to be flawed and poor judgment legislation that puts everyone at risk whether the Segway operator and/or sidewalk and roadway stakeholders. Now 14 people of handicap will be allowed to ride their Segways traveling at 12.5 km on roadways with 50 km plus speed limits.

  1. NO driver training required

  2. NO written test

  3. NO licence plate

  4. NO vehicle registration

  5. No requirement for insurance

  6. No helmet required for those 18 plus

  7. No requirements for physical fitness

  8. No light specifications other than the rear light may be attached to the person


For a full and complete discussion of Innovative Mobility's concerns re. this flawed legislation see our newest blog at

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